Liveware has over 15 years’ experience in ERP. Our project portfolio demonstrates a track record of innovation and productivity enhancement based on the Microsoft Dynamics® NAV platform.




An Australian based company that specialises in electrical and industrial automation and variable speed drives has been successful in delivering innovative solutions for engineering applications over the last two decades.


Key Challenges:

There were multiple incumbent applications that supported the organisations’ project based operations.  Hence, repeatable processes existed but within a nonaligned framework.



Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics® NAV which integrated the incumbent applications into a single solution database, facilitating the clear definition of business processes and aligning data.

Not only was NAV’s rich standard functionality utilised but an array Liveware ERP’s project related IP and NAV add-ons available in the market place were deployed to complement their solution. These included:

  • Timesheet: This module incorporates a HTML timesheet application as well as the entire supporting Dynamics NAV infrastructure including resource customisations. The Timesheet application itself is customisable with various background settings and is easy to change at a cosmetic level. 

  • MS Project Integration; This functionality incorporates a two-way integration of data between Microsoft Project ®and Dynamics NAV Jobs applications.

  • Jet Reports; a Microsoft certified Excel base reporting platform for NAV. It is capable of producing high impact reports that can deploy both statistical and graphical representations of all major KPI Reporting deliverables such as Financial Reporting, Sales Pipeline Analysis Report, Project Budget and Costing. For more information visit Jet Reports
  • Create!Form; is a registered NAV e-forms solution for document output management. 


Microsoft Dynamics® NAV has helped our client to plan, manage and monitor project costs with support for budgeting, billing, resource management and document management. This has enabled them to confidently and assiduously employ informed decisions based on comprehensive and real time information.  Among others, major key benefits included:

  • Eliminating data duplication
  • Increasing administrative efficiency
  • Achieving heightened Business Intelligence
  • Automated material planning solutions

Keys to Success

  • Site specific customisations which delivered the correct business fit for their supply chain and project management process.
  • A dedicated team committed to building a better system not just automating all of the existing ones
  • Microsoft platforms to deliver an integrated solution
  • Liveware ERP’s experience in leveraging Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionality with project related IP and Microsoft Dynamics add-ons.