Liveware has over 15 years’ experience in ERP. Our project portfolio demonstrates a track record of innovation and productivity enhancement based on the Microsoft Dynamics® NAV platform.



SME Integrates E-commerce Supply Chain.

Our client, a national and international distributor of consumable products and an established Microsoft Dynamics® NAV site sought to extend their current business model to incorporate an e-business strategy which in turn would streamline their distribution process. Importance was placed on the need for the business to operate using the one system which the client hoped would automate the chain of events that occurred when an order was processed. The ultimate goal of this was to increase efficiency whilst decreasing the cost of distribution.

Key Challenges:

An integrated e-commerce/supply chain framework which was scalable, flexible and genuinely affordable for an SME.


Stage 1: ERP (Microsoft Dynamics® NAV); Liveware Solutions deployed Microsoft Dynamics® NAV to manage all aspects of financials, supply chain, inventory management and CRM (Client Relationship Management). Financials, supply chain and inventory were standard components however with careful modification, our client created a CRM aptitude second to none and was able to understand who was buying, when they bought, and most importantly when they should re-supply to rapidly develop markets across Australia and beyond.

Stage 2: E-Commerce; When the 3rd party e-commerce website was implemented, Liveware Solutions was commissioned to enable Microsoft Dynamics® NAV as the CMS (content management system) for the website. While clients enjoy a fast, rich online shopping experience, behind the scenes it is Microsoft Dynamic® NAV delivering the accuracy and efficiency which ensure competitive advantage. All aspects of the online experience are managed directly from NAV:


  • Inventory (including all marketing assets; product descriptions, images, website structure and segmentation)
  • Customer Pricing
  • Customer Order Entry
  • Contact Management

If it is to go to the web, it flows via Microsoft Dynamics® NAV.

Stage 3: Business Intelligence and further enhancement; As our client has grown Microsoft Dynamics® NAV provides the scalability they need to manage a growing enterprise. Initiatives such as a Business Intelligence and the introduction of enhanced process management in the form of flexible kitting and warehousing has enabled our client to pass through the critical growth stages without the need to change systems.

Keys to Success:

  • Customisation; investment in our own intellectual property creates competitive advantage
  • Integration; eliminating re-keying and duplication across the business
  • Scalability; Microsoft Dynamics® NAV was affordable at start up, and is even greater value today

From the Client

“Our systems are our business. Liveware Solutions is in effect our internal IT division”  – CEO