Chemical Manufacturing Case Study

Chemical Manufacturer Integrates Supply Chain & Quality Inspection Management.

Our client has a long and successful history in Toll Manufacturing in Australia spanning over four decades. Their mission: to be the best, most efficient and flexible independent contract manufacturer of crop protection, industrial chemical & speciality formulations. They deployed Microsoft Dynamics® NAV for its powerful yet flexible manufacturing platform together with the ability to embed the organisations’ Quality Inspection Management (QIM) framework within the supply chain cycle.

Key Challenges:

  • Chemical Manufacturers face challenging combinations of systemic requirements due to the precise nature of their product. Capable warehousing and inventory management techniques such as Lot No tracking are essential; however our client faced a specific set of challenges due to their Toll Manufacturing nature.

  • Quality Inspection Management is critical; the majority of all inventory purchased and produced, must be inspected and controlled by Lot No; each Lot’s participation in the supply chain is subject to release via the testing process. Eliminating separate, manual systems for QIM was a key objective.

  • As a Toll Manufacturer, the key to our client’s supply chain is the order intake as all production is sales order driven. The nature of chemical Toll Manufacturers is that product involves several stages of production. The company required a manufacturing framework which maintained the relationship between the original sales order and each stage of production, guaranteeing critical delivery of components through the supply chain to the ultimate finished product.


Liveware ERP implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV®. NAV collected their business’s functions into one integrated system comprising; financials, manufacturing, supply chain management, sales and marketing, project management, human resources, payroll and services management.

Microsoft Dynamics® NAV presented a unique value proposition; it is customisable i.e. Liveware ERP as a Dynamics partner retains the source code and the ability to customise NAV. This enabled Liveware ERP to build and implement an industry specific QIM module that completes the end-to-end solution for chemical manufacturers.


  • Inspection Plans; the QIM module is a highly configurable component of Microsoft Dynamics® NAV which allows end users to establish product analysis criteria (Inspection Plans) based on a combination of quantitative and/or qualitative conditions unique to each product, purchased or manufactured.

  • Workflow; engages a comprehensive workflow within the supply chain generating a testing schedule based on supply chain events e.g. as production output is confirmed, the resulting Inspection Lot is created.

  • Quality of inventory assured; the entire testing framework functions independently of internal inventory movements, however it determines the availability of specific inventory until it has been tested, passed and released from quarantine – it is then available to the supply chain.
    Key deliverables; automated output documents include; Inspection Test Instructions documentation, Certificate of Analysis documentation and Customisable Batch Sheet output

Keys to Success:

  • Customisation; delivering the correct business fit throughout each stage of the supply chain process
  • A dedicated team committed to better systems not just automating existing ones
  • Liveware ERP’s experience in leverage Microsoft Dynamics® NAV within the chemical manufacturing sector
  • Liveware ERP’s off the shelf Quality Inspection Management module